Yarra Valley Winery Tours

Yarra valley winery tours

There are many fantastic companies the Yarra Valley offering a very solid, conventional product in the name of ‘winery tours’.

If your searching for the hidden secrets of the Yarra Valley, you’ll need a regional expert that can not only reel of Vintage and variety, but take you on a gastronomical journey through our amazing cool climate region.

Visit quirky winemakers that will stroll you through their vines and take you to the depths of their cellar for a private barrel tasting. Meet the cheese maker for a class studying distinction in taste and style,
Sit down over lunch with leading Yarra Valley Sommeliers and winemakers and let them run you through matched wines.

Enjoy an enriched experience taking with you memories and knowledge, rather than the conventional headache of a flash visit to the namesake.

Yarra valley wineries

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